Our company

We are a solid, modern and flexible company and we can match technological development and innovation.

The market is constantly changing and expanding, therefore we need to provide all the best competences to make our customers happy and satisfied, even when we are dealing with large and complex projects.

Our experience

In the last years we have acquired a huge background that lets us help and assist our customers in any circumstances.

“Companies nowadays understand that innovation is the key to evolution and success. There is no time to hesitate. We at DOS Group believe that technology is the main driver to go further, especially when it answers to a concrete need and when it helps us solve real problems”

Stefano Doninelli – CEO & Founder

Founder and soul of DOS Group, Stefano has no limit. He is not looking for success, nor he is looking for useless or shallow results. His goals are related to important values and to the needs of the people.

He is committed to several activities, first of all rescue in the Soccorso Alpino (Alpine Rescue), and his thoughts are always related to innovation and special innovative projects.

Social Life