Studio Macaco is an innovative company specialized in VR, AR and Tracking Software.

Studio MACACO is a software house that is part of the DOS Group group.

It is a young and dynamic reality capable of leveraging on new digital technologies for any business need: with augmented reality, virtual reality, body tracking and CG & 3D today Studio MACACO can support business processes and activities thanks to advanced technologies and innovative.

Our skills

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is one of the most interesting technologies on the market because it allows you to create any type of setting or situation and make it completely real in the eyes of the user. Macaco uses this technology to offer each type of sector unique and personalized experiences.

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Augmented reality

Thanks to augmented reality it is possible to superimpose three-dimensional elements on reality. All this can be done simply thanks to a smartphone, a tablet or thanks to Mixed Reality viewers. Studio MACACO uses augmented reality for multiple purposes, from the most creative to the most technical; final goal: to generate business and help companies sell their products.

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Thanks to the Body Tracking software solutions you can engage your audience with unique experiences: thanks to the body, face and hands you can reveal and analyze people’s movements and create unique personalized experiences.

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CG & 3D

Thanks to 3D modeling and the Shading technique, the MACACO team can recreate any object or living being: live a personalized experience thanks to environments, objects and characters created ad hoc.

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Ready-to-use platforms

Not only customer-specific software development but also ready-to-use solutions. Thanks to our experience in some sectors such as Real Estate or Design, Studio MACACO has developed platforms ready to be implemented and customized.


Exploit the potential of VR & AR platforms to decrease the costs of training your staff and exponentially reduce accidents at work.

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Make your customer protagonist of the sales process. With the new AR & VR ecosystem, the end customer will be able to view his home in advance and select finishes and furnishings.

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Use tablets or AR glasses for the management of your warehouse, for remote assistance or for assisted maintenance of your systems. With augmented reality you can improve performance and make up for any shortcomings.

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