Momentum is a system made in Swiss for managing emergencies and sending alarms.

Momentum is an Emergency Management System that lets you optimize rescue operations and better manage your business. It is an all-in-one solution made up by a Web Platform and Mobile Apps.

Momentum is a highly reliable system that, in case of an emergency or crisis, automatically selects the most suitable users or groups of users who can intervene.

The selection takes into consideration several requirements such as skills, availability, job, etc… and only the best users who can manage the emergency are alerted via push notifications, sms, emails and many other communication channels.

As soon as your message is received, users can answer you back, share their location (via GPS), and build a two-way communication channel in whatever situation.

Reliability, security and early intervention.

The Rescue Network

All-in-one system developed to meet the needs of rescue teams.

For Business

For companies that need to optimize operations, maintain business continuity and safeguard employees.

Fleet Management

Momentum can be adopted also as a Fleet Tracking Tool to monitor rescue and company vehicles.

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