Register your guests’ data quickly, easily and securely via QR CODE

How can you collect your guests’ contact details intelligently and securely, avoiding wasting time and sharing the same pen? What tool do you use to store the data acquired to facilitate tracking in case of infection?

QR CODE Tracing is the best solution to save data and track contacts during the Coronavirus emergency. Designed and developed for restaurants, bars, shopping malls, hotels, shops, supermarkets, public and private offices, hospitals, clinics and companies, QR CODE Tracing facilitates the management of the data collected, helps prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and the gathering.

Want to see how it works?

QR CODE TRACING and forget about flying tickets

By placing it at the entrance or at the tables, visitors and guests can easily scan a QR code with their smartphone’s camera and enter their contact details quickly and easily. Without the use of any mobile app, you will see a form to fill in that can be customised according to your needs.

More security, always.

QR CODE Tracing can also be used to monitor and track the flow of employees and customers in a facility. By scanning the QR code with the mobile device it is possible to enter personal data, checking in and checking out. In this way you can easily track contacts and communicate them to the relevant bodies if necessary.

For more structured companies the mobile app is available

How to report internally the contact with a possible positive case? 
Through the use of a web-app it is possible to communicate in a quick and timely manner any information regarding this emergency and not only.