We are authorized to provide the RaSi certificate for all the buildings that have been built more than 20 years ago.

All the owners of buildings built more than 20 years ago must obtain a RaSi certificate to state that the electical system is still compliant to the law. DOS Group evaluates and certificates all kind of buildings so that they are compliant to the certificate requirements.



Our senior electricians will closely check your electrical system and they will collect data so that they will be able to fill in the reports that are needed to obtain the RaSi certificate. The owner of the building will then send the report to the power distribution company. The Final check must be done before the electrical system is put in action.


This kind of check must be done for all the buildings that have been built less than 20 years ago. This check must be done at the latest 6 months after the activation of the electrical system and it must be performed by an independent body that can certify what has been done by the installers.


This check is compulsory on a regular basis and it consists on a general check of all the parts of the electrical system to verify its safety.

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