Need a new switchboard?

Choosing the right switchboard can be complicated. New needs are arising and this is a pretty strategic choice, both for the first installation, but also if you just need to update your old system.

We at DOS Group take care of everything: we help you when you need to choose the best devices, we provide ready-to-go solutions and we assist you after sales.

We offer a Full Service Solutions where you have everything in an all-inclusive formula for your business’ communication.

With our Full Service Solution you will have a complete and tailor-made solution with everything you need to improve communication and improve your operations.


DOS Group can supply and install switchboards with several functions: automatic call management, flexibility on phone number, integration with other devices or computer and call forwarding.


We replace old switchboards and devices with brand new ones. We update the software and we make sure that everything works as expected.


We can move your switchboard from a place to another: we take care of all the wiring and devices so that you can maintain your business up and running.

Do you need a new switchboard? Would you like an All Inclusive solution? Ask us advice, Free of charge.