HPE Server & Storage for a full security-enhanced IT infrastructure.

DOS Group owns the required competences and skills in the data management and data protection addressed to businesses. Virtual machines, completed backup and much more.

Physical or virtual, whatever type of server you choose, you will always be sure that your data are safe and available at any time.

We offer servers and business systems that make you operate on a competitive pace. Find out the solutions that we set up for you.


The customer provides the hardware and we host it within our reserved space inside the Swisscom Datacenter.

We offer support to our customers thanks to a reliable and secure environment in which their servers are set up: we will take care of everything related to your physical servers, while you can focus on your ICT operations.

For this purpose, we collaborate with the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland. In fact, Swisscom Datacenters offer a safe place where our customers can rely on without worries.

virtualized server

DOS Group offers its customers the opportunity to virtualize their dedicated servers, allowing your company to benefit from greater efficiency. In fact, a virtual server has several advantages, including optimal exploitation of computing capabilities, rapid backup, and flexibility. Moreover, unlike physical infrastructures, there will be no need to invest continuously to avoid obsolescence.

Moreover, your virtual machine will be created within our virtualization platform hosted at the Swisscom Datacenter, giving you a customized solution for your IT infrastructure.

cloud server

We provide Cloud Services that guarantee scalability, reliability, and high service availability.

As a Swiss IT Company, we offer our customers a service dedicated to storage and to the management of high-quality, centralized and virtualized business data. In fact, DOS Group guarantees a complete offer in terms of security and reliability, thanks to our professional support and our experience in cloud computing.

Thanks to cloud services such as IaaS and SaaS, you will no longer have to worry about managing your data, and you will be able to commit your energy to the success of your business.

dedicated server

We serve all the virtualized infrastructure to a single customer. We offer you an infrastructure dedicated to your business that will allow you to meet your storage needs.

In this field, DOS Group guarantees customized solutions for digital information management.

Our dedicated servers are perfectly suited to companies of all sizes. Furthermore, our IT expertise will allow you to benefit from maximum security, reliability, and privacy.

Servers and business systems to operate at maximum speed.

HPE Business Partner

We are Hewlett Packard Enterprise Business Partner: we offer dedicated servers designed for companies with specific needs that need complete and advanced solutions.

Contact us, together we will find the solution that fits with your needs.